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Finesse Worm Nose Jig Head


  • 3/32 10PK
  • 1/8 10PK
  • 3/16 10PK
  • 1/4 10PK
  • 5/16 8PK
The Finesse Worm Nose Jig can be used in multiple applications. Every angler knows that when the bite is tough that you've got to down size. This head will fit seamlessly in front of any soft plastic stick bait like our 2.75" Flick Sticks, worms like our 6" Utails, or small finesse baits like our 3.5" Crawbugs giving a one piece look. Behind this head is a strong sharp Eagle Claw Hook for those aggressive bites. In the middle of this jig just right behind the head you will find not one but two keeper to help keep your plastic right where it should be without binding up during a hook set. With a durable powder coat finish this is what finesse anglers have dreamed of.